What men should do to improve their health

 Men are more likely to take their health for granted than women. Here are eight ways men can improve their health.

1. Eat better

Men often eat out at corporate lunches and may not always think about the best nutritional value in each meal. Packing in as many veggies to each meal and having, or even just eating a good breakfast each day can be a really good start.

2. Exercise

Finding time to fit exercise can seem like a huge task when work and home life is busy. However, a regular exercise regime will help to ensure you are at the top of your game in the boardroom and ensure you can keep up with the kids during a kick around.

3. Stretch

Men are often less flexible than women and this can really hamper their mobility and their time in the gym. They may also have aches and pains from sitting all day. Ensuring that dynamic stretches are part of the warm up and stretching is part of the cool down is good advice, as well as practicing yoga at least once per week. Finding a good corrective exercise practitioner can help too.

4. Get regular wellness tests done

Men often have a habit of burying their heads in the sand. If something doesn’t feel right, go to the doctor, what’s the worst that can happen? If he draws a blank then seek out a naturopathic doctor or functional medical officer. In this day in age, there is often an answer and a treatment to a condition that you may just have been ‘putting up with’. See 6 below.

5. Take supplements

As we get older our bodies become less efficient and if you’ve not spent your whole life carefully considering what you eat, this may take its toll in later life. Important supplements to consider are a good broad spectrum multi-vitamin, Omega 3, probiotics and Vitamin D, amongst others.

6. Take scientific tests

It’s amazing now that the average layman has access to a bunch of reasonably priced tests that can really make the difference between feeling ‘ok’ and feel great. They might even help you to ward off a more serious disease in the future or sort out a condition that you’ve been putting up with for a while.

7. Get more sleep

 Working late, going out, watching TV, stress, kids waking at all hours. They all take a toll on the length and quality of your sleep. Decreased shut-eye has a hormonal effect on the body that can make losing body fat harder and may seriously affect your health.

8. Drink less alcohol

The antidote to stress is often found in the bottom of a bottle, but it just starts a vicious cycle and again has a detrimental hormonal effect on the body, amongst other possible diseases. Go booze free for 2 weeks or a month and see if you feel better. Look for other ways to combat stress and relax.