What Your Mum Can Do To Improve Her Health

With Mother’s Day nearly upon us, it’s time to think about our mums. Here’s how you can really help her, by encouraging her to look after her health with the following five quick and easy ways:

  1. Take some stress off her shoulders. Whether it’s lending an ear, or a hand, mums are always busy and carry the emotional load for most of the family. Helping her offload physically or emotionally can really help and could, according to research, prevent her getting sick in the future.

  2. Give her an hour to herself a day. Take a task off her hands; cook the dinner, take the dog for a walk, run an errand. She can then use this time to relax or exercise if she wants.

  3. Make sure she eats well. She may eat really well or eat leftovers. Again she needs permission from her loved ones to look after herself and eat great quality nutritious food. Cook for her, bring her food, send her on a cooking course if she’d like to improve her skills.

  4. Encourage her to get enough sleep- ideally 8-9 hours! Give her a lie-in some days.

  5. Pay for a gym membership for her if she wants to get fitter. She may have been sporty in her youth but may have lost a little confidence. Choose a gym who can give her 1:1 attention from a trainer and will help her through her feeling awkward phase