Why Your Kids Should Join our Strength and Conditioning Camps

Whether your child is sporty or not, our strength and conditioning camps are a great way to make them feel confident on the sports field and in the classroom.

With a strong focus on technique we encourage our young gym goers to perfect their form before taking on any heavy loads. This approach ensures that they’re using their joints and muscles in the correct way, eliminating the risk of injury when taking part in team sports.

Along with the obvious physical benefits, our camps are also dedicated to building up resilience and confidence. With the amount of homework and exams kids are loaded up with a release of serotonin through exercise is no bad thing. They’ll learn how to take care of their bodies, meet new people and build confidence. We can even tailor our programmes to a group of friends looking to get fit!

These are the five major benefits kids get from strength training:

  • More muscle

  • Stronger bones

  • Stronger tendons

  • Higher metabolism

  • Lower injury risk when performing other sports

These are the key areas of our programmes:

  1. Attainment of Correct Movement Patterns
    Improving squats, lunges, pushing, pulling, pressing, rotation & gait which are all used in sport.

  2. Moderate Strength & Core Training
    Building strength & injury prevention for sport.

  3. Fitness Conditioning
    Developing endurance, anaerobic capability and stamina

  4. Flexibility
    Stretching muscles in growing bodies, improving mobility for better movement.

  5. Power, Speed & Agility
    Improving speed and being able to change directions quicker to physically dominate in their sport.