5 Star Fitness Retreat


 THEME: “Transformational retreat"

Extension Days on 7TH & 12th NOVEMBER 2019

RETREAT in 2020:  MARCH 28TH-30th 2020.

Extension Days on 27TH & 31ST MARCH 2020

The retreat is run by a team of people from Hong Kong who are focussed on promoting health and wellness.  Operated by Elite Personal Training Studio, Hong Kong in partnership with Chai Talay Estate, we offer you a holistic program to kick start or promote your wellness journey in a fabulous beachfront setting.  

You will be working with industry professionals from Hong Kong and Thailand – such as boxers, yoga and Pilates coaches, nutritionists and bootcamp and fitness coaches. All this, plus healthy food, 5-Star luxury beachfront villa accommodation, free Wi-Fi and airport transfers.


What is the 5 Star Fitness Retreat?

The 5 Star Fitness Retreat offers getaways focused on fitness and wellbeing in a luxury location. For 4 days (3 nights) guests enjoy over 40 hours of fitness and wellness related activities whilst enjoying the comforts of a high-end holiday destination.

5 Star Fitness Retreat was established in 2010 and is a partnership between Elite Personal Training, Hong Kong & HKG Wellness Venture Co Ltd – retreat organizers


The 5 Star Fitness Retreat is hosted at the fabulous beachfront estate of luxury villas, in Ko Samui, Thailand, a mere thirty minute drive from the airport. For more resort details check out:  www.Chaitalay.com

How Much?

 Standard 3 night retreat package pricing

                     Group room (3-4 people) : US$1,200 per person 
                     Double room (2 people) : US$1,410 per person 
                     Single room (1 person) : US$2,150 per person 

Bespoke Holistic and Transformation Programmes: US$700 each per person Pre-retreat induction night, 7 November 2019 : US$300 per person Post-retreat relaxation night, 11 November 2019 : US$200 per person 

US$250 deposit required to secure your spot 3* villa accommodation options: 20% discount on above prices Local Residents' & Day Guests' Rate: 6,000 THB per day / 15,000 THB for 3 days 


What is included?

Everything you need is included (except massages, alcohol, fizzy drinks/premium non-alcoholic drinks and specialist coffees!). We would like to think you don’t need any cash when there, but if you fancy a massage, it’s a few dollars extra.

The Following optional extras can be purchased on site:

  • 1 hour Thai Massage

  • One on One Super Stretch or 1-1 trainer classes

  • 1 -1 Postural Alignment sessions

  • Osteopath (if available)

  • 1 hour Sports Massage (if available)

  • 1 on 1 or group Muay Thai Boxing

  • 90min Wellness Massage incorporating deep tissue massage with use of hot stones and lymphatic drainage techniques (if available)

  • Buddy Training 2:1 Training Session

  • Nutrition Consultation


The ultimate combination of fitness and luxury for all clients of Elite Personal Training, their friends and people who want an affordable health retreat away from the hustle and bustle of their stressful environment to reset, recreate and literally transform people with the right tools

Rupert Jackson, our mindfulness practitioner:

We are pleased to welcome back Rupert Jackson, our mindfulness practitioner who will offer, as part of the main schedule, a daily led meditation and a Stress Management workshop at our next retreat.

Rupert will also lead the Holistic Stream which offers the following:-

  • Two sessions of guided T.R.E (max 3 people per session)

  • Two small group sessions of restorative yoga 1:1

  • Follow up with Rupert Jackson after each TRE session so as to build a plan to support when home

  • Access to further 1:1 sessions as required, bookable on site (those on the holistic stream will have priority access to his time)

The additional cost of the Holistic Stream is USD600 and is added to whichever of the room rates you choose.



"The value of this retreat both in terms of outcome and the package itself was undeniably fantastic. When comparing to other retreats in the region this retreat offers three times as much at 1/3 of the price . It is clear that the partners, EPT and Chaitalay villas are running these retreats as a passion. Thank you for giving us the chance to attend – we expect it will be invite only in future!"- Claire Parnell, HKG"Only 4 days, but it felt like 2 weeks in terms of the value derived from being on this retreat – how often do we truly get time to focus ONLY on ourselves and to have to do no more than “turn up”. – NEVER! Even holidays are not this beneficial. This should be a twice a year focus for everyone in these stressful years. Time away, without the kids, with or without the partner, is just so beneficial. I feel a million dollars!" - Alison Taylor, HKG "The size and make up of the guests was perfect, with a maximum of 30 people, male and female, singles or couples, the mix of like minded people was a key part of the success of this retreat. Fabulous ambience. Luxury, casual but organized and challenging with some great competition too!" - Tina Atkinson, HKG "My second visit and again I have come away from this retreat feeling wonderful! 3 days in the most exquisite location, excellent food, fabulous company, sunsets, waves lapping, yoga under the stars, TRX on a coconut tree and some high intensity workouts to get the pulses racing every now and again. The value for money is second to none." - Kelly Allan, FloatPlus Swimming

"This weekend exceeded my expectations and I’ve been able to balance my time between my physical and mental wellbeing. It gave me the “me” time I desperately needed. Thank you so much for helping me start a new journey for myself!- Emma Saunders, Hong Kong


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Extension days available with optional fitness package