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1 on 1 Holistic Personal Training Programme Testimonial

Testimonial - Nikhilesh Mathur 1on1 Client

"Over the last 20 years, I have worked with several personal trainers in Hong Kong as well as well in many cosmopolitan cities around the world. Rob is definitely one of my favorite coaches, he is serious, diligent and very considered. He clearly looked at how he could help me to rehabilitate from several physical issues and he was also willing to work in alignment with some of my other therapists (e.g. osteopath and stretch therapist). Because of his multi-facetted background he takes an integrated approach and therefore offers much more than a typical coach. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone who needs corrective exercises or deals with injuries or simply wants to work with a stimulating, enthusiastic and fun loving personal coach." - Rogier Verhoeven

"Taivo has helped me immensely and I have seen great improvement in my training.  His sessions are a mixture of intense stability and primal movements, which are equally difficult.  I have enjoyed working with him and he has taught me much about my body, it is now up to me to maintain the goals that we have achieved.  I would recommend Taivo to anyone who needs Corrective Exercise." - Graham Turl

"Prior to training with EPT, my level of fitness was relatively low.  Having exercised minimally during my final years of school, I was not in the condition required for military service at the end of the summer.  Working with Nacho and EPT helped improve my fitness level through intense training, allowing me to pass both a pre-enlistment fitness test and feel more physically prepared for the army.

Despite the challenges of the training, I’m also more motivated to engage in exercise.  Overall, the experience has been beneficial and one that I would recommend to others in a similar situation." - Sean Seow (18 Years old) - PT 1on1 training

"I came to Hong Kong about 6 months ago and the first thing I did was find a great Corrective Exercise Studio. My brother, who lives in Switzerland, recommended I try EPT Studio, who he had heard great things about. I suffer from chronic backache and within a few months EPT had helped me exponentially.  I can’t recommend them enough, if not for EPT I would still be in pain."

Alex Smeet

FIRE Programme

"I have felt my energy level get better, and the core is getting much, much stronger." - Suzanne Sadler, Chief Angel of Angels for Orphans (Like their page on

"I can't say enough good things about Danny bootcamp classes. I've been doing them for twice a week...I've never had an hour so painful but go so quickly...I just love working out with him and at EPT Studio."


"I joined the 40 Day Challenge and I’m currently half way through the program and I’ve already lost about 4 kilos. I’ve been training 3 times a week with a personal trainer and, with guidance from EPT trainers, am also doing extra exercise on my own time. EPT has been great from me and I’ll definitely continue going!"

Sabrina Lok

"I’ve been coming to EPT for months now and am really enjoying my FIRE program.  I train twice a week and in the first 30 days I lost 5% body fat.  EPT trainers are very thorough and they have given me so much nutritional and lifestyle advice, which was a big part of that 5% fat loss!  I follow their program to the letter and I am extremely happy."


YOUTH FIRE Programme

Alexander Sullivan.JPG

Alexander loves sport and I wanted him to keep fit and active during the holiday. Fitness and health are very important and instilling it at an early age in a fun environment is really positive and beneficial. It is so difficult to find a gym which will take kids at this age so to find one with a tailored programme for youngsters that keeps them motivated is a real find.

Alexander loves his new-found muscles and strength – unfortunately it’s me that this gets practiced on! I also get challenged to sit ups, planks and core work – help!!

He loved the challenges and above all without a doubt he adored Nacho!! EPT are very supportive of Alexander’s efforts and keep it fun enough so he actually wants to go!

Sarah Sullivan

"I couldn't do 10 mountain climbers when I first started. The program is great because you can progress or regress the exercise depending on your fitness. My advice is to just try it out. You will work harder than you have ever worked, but you'll have fun doing it, and it's a short enough program that is realistic yet not intimidating" - Aniela Cohen Chung Hom Kok (Tribe Team Training)

a testimonial from Louise DuncaN

In June 2015, I left my position as Principal of a Sai Kung pre-school and after 20 years of teaching and being part of the education system here in Hong Kong, I felt it was time to spend more time with my family and have a little bit of “me” time.

I have always enjoyed exercising but bringing up a family, working full time and supporting a husband who had his own business left me very little time to fit it into my schedule. Once I stopped working I wanted to focus on all the things I had missed out on. I had often listened to other mums and friends who filled their days at yoga, box-fit, hiking etc. and yearned for the day that I could do that too.

Well now I finally could!

With some trepidation and feeling unfit I joined a host of classes.  Outdoor fitness, The Yoga House, Basecamp and the Blazing Paddles dragon boat team and slowly built exercise into my daily life. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and with a small group of friends we used to hike the same steep hill twice a week and nicknamed it “kick ass hill” for good reasons!!!

I attended Five star fitness retreat in Koh Samui and Nathan Solia from Elite Personal Training has been one of my biggest supporters which helped put me on the road to a better lifestyle. I decided to set myself a few personal goals the first one was The Green Power 25 km which took in the highs and lows of Hong Kong Island. Next up was climbing Mount Kinabalu in Borneo - after which my 16 year old son said Mum I am really proud of you!

With each new challenge I have felt a sense of achievement and realised that I can actually accomplish these goals with training and determination. My latest goal is a six day trek on The Great wall of China for charity in memory of my sister who died prematurely 25 years ago aged 31. Along with my fitness routine I have over hauled my diet and am now much more mindful of what I am eating which all goes to show life does indeed begin at 50!!!.

Adrian's Testimonial for EPT Trainers

I have been training at EPT since 2013 and I always look forward to the sessions, they are tough and challenging. I never get bored as they are forever changing up the routine and the variations makes it more interesting and, yes, more demanding.

EPT trainers are technically very strong, know their stuff, and are able to develop customised programs to deal with specific challenges and issues. In my case I have problems with my knees and posture. I have seen great benefits over the last 2 years with improvements continuing.

All EPT trainers havegreat energy, are bursting with enthusiasm and are wonderful motivators. Which makes training with them all the more enjoyable and beneficial.



"Training with EPT trainers is such a pleasure that I look forward to my workouts. They are full of unadulterated energy and expertise, yet still always manage to make me laugh while I sweat."

Mimi Brown

Tania’s successful shoulder rehabilitation with EPT

“In January 2014 I had a skiing accident and hurt my right shoulder, which resulted in me being diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder.  I rested it for a few months however I felt like it was getting increasingly worse.  When I could take no more, I returned to the Specialist and he recommended surgery.

At that point I found EPT and they put me on a solid rehabilitation program for 2 months.  I cannot explain how much better I feel.  I am surgery free and have full motion of my shoulder.  I highly recommend EPT to anyone with the same condition.  Thank you EPT!"

Tania Jones

5 Star Fitness Retreat Testimonials

"when a friend asked me to sign up for this, I didn't really know what i was going in to and I thought 'Oh my goodness,even though i am doing regular exercises, maybe i will not be able to do it.' but to my own surprise, I was able to follow along, it was fun to do it in the group and it was just a wonderful weekend that we all enjoyed." - Ginette who joined 5SFR recently!