EPT is offering Holistic Personal Training, Bootcamp Outdoor Group Training, RIPPED Strength Group Training, Ladies’ RIPPED Strength Group Training, FITkids Group Training, PaddleFAST Group Training, 5 Star Fitness Retreat and Outdoor Fitness Certification.
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"I’ve been coming to EPT for a month now with the FIRE program and I come twice a week and in 30 days I have lost 5% body fat, some here in my waist, some here in my hips, and I followed the dietary recommendations and I am very, very happy.”

- Cindy

Holistic Personal Training

Our Holistic Personal Training Program has the CHEK holistic approach to physical training. We provide 1-On-1, 2-On-1, and Group (+3) Personal Training.


Bootcamp is the FIRST team-based outdoor exercise program that is all about getting FAST results.  We have 12 not-so-secret locations where recruits are put through their paces. The early morning and evening exercise regimes target your entire body.



TribeCORE™ is the intelligent workout that brings toning, strength, stability and power to your core.


TribeLIFE™ is the low impact fitness workout that gets you ready to live life to the full.




TribeKIDS™ is our fun youth fitness class that builds fit, healthy and confident kids.

Bootcamp Trainer

The Bootcamp and Outdoor Group Fitness Course is specially designed to train and educate fitness professionals in the discipline of outdoor group fitness.