Bootcamp is the FIRST team-based outdoor exercise program that is all about getting FAST results.  We have 12 not-so-secret locations where recruits are put through their paces. The early morning and evening exercise regimes target your entire body.

Using the outdoor space around the location, our qualified BOOTCAMP Trainers provide a fun experience that will get you fighting fit.


You will be part of a fun, RESULTS-based and progressive program that works on:

  • Cardio endurance, strength ability, core strength and muscle toning.
  • Interval Training – Burst Training .
  • Circuit Training – Full Body Conditioning .
  • Body Weight Training – OLD SKOOL style pushups, squats .
  • Core Training – Strong Abs, Obliques and Butt.
  • Functional Training – Bend, Rotate, Press, Push and Pull.

Whatever your fitness level, the workout is open to all, whether it is the first time you have put on a pair of trainers or you are preparing for a triathlon.

BOOTCAMP  kick off as early as 5:30am with classes throughout the morning as well as evening sessions including some lunch time and weekend sessions too.  Have a look at our schedule for our location and times. 

Bootcamps will be canceled during black and rain storm warnings, when the Typhoon number 3 Signal or higher is raised,  and during really bad weather condtions. If in doubt you can call your trainer to see if BOOTCAMP is on. All Trainers phone numbers are on the