Our Holistic Personal Training Program has the CHEK holistic approach to physical training. We provide 1-On-1, 2-On-1, and Group (+3) Personal Training.


    • Who are goal orientated.
    • Who have a specific date they want to achieve their results
    • Who have a pre existing injury and unsure what to do
    • Who are ages 40 – 75+ (the oldest person we have trained is 72!)
    • Who lack energy and strength


    • Goal setting/health check
    • Body composition/posture analysis
    • Medical/injury history Analysis
    • Formulating your Goals Contract


    Goal setting, motivation (with respect to your health). We focus on one or all of the following areas that we feel will give you the most benefit during the ‘foundation phase’.

    • Kicking unhealthy habits.
    • Time management.
    • Rebalancing program consisting of:powerful stretches, spinal mobilizations, and core function exercises.

    Based on the CHEK approach, you can:

    • Lose up to 5kg of body fat in the 1st month and a further 2 kg every month after that.
    • Strengthen your Core in 4 weeks.
    • Regain flexibility in 4 weeks.
    • Rebalance your body and remove any pain.
    • Get strong in 12 weeks.
    • Increase your movement in 12 weeks and improve your quality of life in 12 months.

    Are you ready for a
    1 on 1 Holistic Transformation?

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    Nutrition for optimal health, weight loss and disease maintenance and prevention

    • Educational elements of basic nutrition
    • Review of food diary
    • Preparation of a food plan and fine tuning

    Primal Patterns and Cardio

    • Use of cardiovascular equipment in the gym
    • Introduction to primal movement patterns – Training time!