Great Ways to Get Kids Fit

Just like adults, children need to be motivated to exercise and eat the right things. Here is the EPT guide to ensuring buy in from your youngster. 

9 Great Ways to Get Kids Fit

1) Make it fun, varied and progressive

Kids want to play, so let them play, encourage them to play sports with their friends. Lots of different types of activities are better than just one, so unless you see your little one as an Olympic hopeful, no need to specialise just yet. Constantly challenge them, this will give them a sense of achievement and self-worth. "Gameify" it ; make it into a game!  Count to 10.  The 1st one to reach 10 in a team. Who can do a single pushup, how deep can they do a bar pushup, by lowering the bar each time a perfect pushup is performed.

2) Educate on the whys and wherefores

Educate your child why they are doing what they are doing and how it benefits them. Tell them why this game or drill is good for them, what it is doing inside their bod, especially with older kids.

3) Praise your child for small achievements

As in anything in life, people get buoyed up by being told they are good at something and what to continue making gains. Children are no different.

4) Stay upbeat when exercising

As above, this is not the time for harsh criticism. Be empathetic when they tire. 

5) An hour before dinner, play a physical game

Ensure each meal involves food with a lot of colours, to engage their senses

6) Restrict not so healthy snacks and drinks to special occasions and treats

Educate your child why they can’t have sweets or fizzy drinks every day.

7) Make animal shapes out of vegetables. 

Fun looking food will engage the little ones

8) Make popsicles out of juice to get their Greens In

Start off dinner with a healthy snack or encourage kids to eat their ‘greens’ first. Start with a bowl of vegetable rich soup or salad, which they are more likely to eat when hungry

9) Premier Protein

If they are not so keen on healthy food, encourage them to eat proteins like chicken drumsticks, homemade fish fingers, beef patties with home-made tomato sauce