Trigger Point Cold Roller

HKD 1,049

The Trigger Point Performance Cold Roller is the most advanced and effective workout recovery product available. The unique Stainless Steel design of the Cold Roller features a Gel Core that delivers cold compression directly to your muscles simultaneously as you experience the myofascial release of rolling. The Cold Roller mirrors the positive effects of an ice bath while adding the rejuvenation and recovery benefits of myofascial release. Unlike an uncomfortable ice bath, the Cold Roller allows you to target specific muscles and avoid freezing up joints or other areas unprotected by a lot of body mass. The results are astonishing, yielding a faster recovery and maximizing performance. The Cold Roller helps speed up recovery by constricting blood vessels and flushing waste products like lactic acid out of the affected tissues. In addition, cold rolling decreases metabolic activity and slows down physiological processes, while reducing swelling and tissue breakdown. To use the Trigger Point Cold Roller, simply place the compact roller in your freezer for 2 hours or more to allow the Gel Core to freeze. Wipe down the Stainless Steel body with a warm washcloth to remove the frost, and begin gently rolling your muscles.