Holiday Readiness Quiz: Are you ready to stay fit through the holidays?

Holiday Readiness Quiz

Are you ready to stay fit through the holidays???

Score yourself a 1-5 on each of the following statements where 1=rarely/not at all, and 5 is always/consistently true.



_____ I have time committed on my calendar for workouts 3-5 days every week, non-negotiable.

_____ I have a simple at home exercise routine I do first thing in the morning on days I know will be too busy to hit the gym.

_____ I regularly propose activities with my family and friends instead of sedentary time in front of the TV.



_____ I have a clear plan for filling my plate once in a balanced manner at every social event and I don’t go back for seconds.

_____ I always eat before social events so I don’t arrive hungry.

_____ I bring healthier substitutes to potluck meals and parties, and make suggestions to the family for ways to have healthier options.


Social circle:

_____ I have a solid plan with a friend to hold me accountable through the season.

_____ I have staked something of value on sticking to my fitness goals by making a bet.

_____ I have shared my fitness goals with my friends so I don’t feel peer pressure to eat or drink more than I plan.



_____ I plan to enjoy one item in moderation at every holiday meal as a small splurge and not feel guilty.

_____ I completely unplug and let myself rest from workouts for at least 5 days every holiday season.

_____ I have solid stress management practices in place that don’t involve food or alcohol.


Total score: ___________



48-60: Bravo! You’ve demonstrated a serious commitment to planning for success and really prioritizing your health and fitness while still enjoying the season. Even so, you’ve got an opportunity to truly optimize your health, and not just tread water, but make progress towards your goals with a little fine tuning.

24-48: Proceed with caution!  You’ve got a start but there’s some major gaps in accountability and planning, which means the holidays can still be a slippery slope for you.

12-24: Danger zone! Looks like you don’t have a solid plan in place or true accountability to help you get through the holidays with your fitness and your waistline intact.

If your score isn’t above 48 we’d love to chat about some simple ways you can get ahead of the hectic holidays and have confidence in a plan to take care of yourself this year.

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