Santa's Simply Fit DNA Testing and Semi-Private Training Sack

HKD 31,027.50    HKD 34,475.00

Ever wondered what it would be like to know exactly what to eat, how to train and when to train for your perfect body? Take the guesswork out of getting in great shape with Simply Fit and 3 Months PT 1 on 1 training.

Only 5 available!

QuantityDescriptionRetail PricePromo Price
1Simply Fit DNA comprehensive testing 3 Months, 2 x per weekHKD 6,550.00|HKD 5,895.00
1Nutritional assessment 1on1 Personal training for 3 months, 2 x per weekHKD 31,680.00|HKD 28,512.00
CostHKD 34,475.00|HKD 31,027.50