PT 1on1 + Protein Party Package

HKD 110,808.00    HKD 123,120.00

Twelve months of personal training with one of our expert coaches, plus 12 tubs of paleo protein powder. Yup just think how good a shape you'll be in after all that! Best run though, we've only got two!

Only 2 available!

QuantityDescriptionRetail PricePromo Price
196 x PT 1on1 training sessions (which needs be be used in 15 months, or otherwise forfeited)HKD 115,200.00|HKD 103,680.00
112 x Paleo protein powder, 1 per month for 12 months.HKD 7,920.00|HKD 7,128.00
CostHKD 123,120.00|HKD 110,808.00