Youth F.I.R.E. 

(Private & Semi-Private PT)

YOUTH F.I.R.E. & Youth 1on1 Strength & Conditioning for Youngsters

YOUTH 1on1 & YOUTH FIRE promises to develop your boy or girl so that they can dominate physically in their sport and in life by building lean muscle, strengthen bones, prevent injury, improve flexibility &, if needed, shed excess body fat.

The programme is specific to 10-16 year old & includes:

1. Strength Training

Your child must move well first before they progress to lift correctly. If they are not moving well, the child WILL NOT lift weights . PERIOD. The child spends a lot of time strengthening their core and movement patterns and IF they are ready then we progressively load their young bodies SAFELY. Strength Training has been shown to not only improve strength & power but also prevent injury on the playing field.

2. SpeeD, Agility& Flexibility

Your child will improve speed, agility and flexibility important to react, change directions and improve posture that enables efficiency and effectiveness in any sport.

3. Aerobic Fitness

Fun, functional circuits to build stamina to outlast their opponent AND support shedding excess body fat if needed.

4. Support & Coaching

Have your child be empowered and inspired in a safe and trusting environment. We use positive reinforcement & discipline to empower our students.

5. BONUS: Tailored Nutrition Consults are available

Nutrition is critical in every sportsperson’s protocol. If you believe your child needs extra support or assistance in this area, enroll our Nutritionist to guide them without you having to nag them.


Have a child that gets injured or has poor posture? Enroll them in out Corrective Exercise Program to set them up on the right foot before they begin building on their young bodies


Our After School Program is a 55- minute, weekly or bi weekly Program. We recommend our students to attend 1-2 times per week for 6 months to optimize their results.

NOTE: If our students need more training they may be required to come during our Holiday Strength & Conditioning Camps.

Days and Times After School: 

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
4:30pm 4:30pm 4:30pm 4:30pm 4:30pm 10:30am no class
Available Available Available Available Available 11:30am  

(NOTE these times may be adjusted depending on the availability of the Students) Check main schedule online for the most up to date programs( RED Button to go to schedule)

Monthly Packages start at: $1,370(up to 4 times/month) to $2,740/Month (up to 8 times/month)



Make up your own Youth FIRE Session for up to 4 Youngsters

Click here and we will reach out to create your own trial class time slot.  Perfect for teams who want to Strength & Condition together.

Holiday Strength & Conditioning Camp 

This 2-hour a Day, 6 Day a Week Intensive Camp is designed to take our students to the next level in their strength & conditioning with velocity for their sport. Depending on each Students experience, goals & workload, they are expected to train 3-6 days per week.

Our Students include top young Basketball Players, Tennis Players, Rugby Players, Netball Players and other sporting athletes in Athletics competing in Hong Kong & Internationally.


  1. Movement, Strength & Stability Training Session (50 minutes)

  2. Speed, Agility & Fitness Training Session (50 minutes)

  3. Healthy snack & drink (20 minute break between both sessions)

  4. NOTE: Includes Stretching & mobility.


CAMP DATES 2019 - 2020
SUMMER CAMP Program dates are as follows: Week 1: July 1 - 5 Week 2: July 8 - 12  Week 3 July 15 - 19  Week 4: July 22 - 26  Week5 July 29 - Aug 2  Week 6: Aug 5- 9  Week 7 Aug 12 - 16  Week 8: Aug 19 - 23 Week 9: Aug 26 - 30
MID TERM BREAK Week 1: October 1 - 12
CHRISTMAS Week 1: December 16 - 20 Week 2: Dec 23 & 27 - 28 Week 3: Dec 30 & Jan 3 - 4
CHINESE NEW YEAR Jan 23 - 24 & 29 - 31
EASTER Week 1: April 14 - 17 Week 2: April 20 - 24



  • Mon-Fri: 3.30pm - 5.30pm

  • Sat: 10:30am-12:30pm


  • 3 sessions package - $1,588

  • 4 sessions package - $1,935

  • 5 sessions package - $2,415

  • 6 sessions package - $2,900

  • Casual session - $700



Alexander Sullivan.JPG

My son Alexander loves sport and I wanted him to keep fit and active during the holiday. Fitness and health are very important and instilling it at an early age in a fun environment is really positive and beneficial. It is so difficult to find a gym which will take kids at this age so to find one with a tailored programme for youngsters that keeps them motivated is a real find.

Alexander loves his new-found muscles and strength – unfortunately it’s me that this gets practiced on! I also get challenged to sit ups, planks and core work – help!!

He loved the challenges and above all without a doubt he adored Nacho!! EPT are very supportive of Alexander’s efforts and keep it fun enough so he actually wants to go!

- Sarah

The boys like your class so much , they want to do more 😉 before The boys really do not like to do training , now they always looking forward to your class 😃👍 Thank you so much for coaching them 🙏😊

- Pauline

Our doctor recommended my son, Jack, to come to EPT initially as his legs were getting sore from running on concrete, to strengthen his muscles and to reduce the pain in his legs. He also advised he should reduce the duration of his runs. Before he came he was seeing the physio twice per week. 

Jack is not keen on team sports, much preferring running, but he really liked coming to the gym. 

Youth FIRE at EPT has been great for Jack, it has boosted his confidence, and this transfers into his PE classes and other sports. He likes the smaller groups, where nobody is competing and the trainers ensure the kids have fun; importantly he’s also becoming stronger. 

He’s been recommended to use self-myofascial release (Trigger Point) and stretching after his workouts. He’s also found the nutrition talks for kids really helpful. I will definitely recommend EPT to friends.

- Jack Field