Youth FIRE Strength & Conditioning Program

Gain strength and build confidence for your youth.

We are looking for 13-15 year old males & females who go to school in Wong Chuk Hang and are looking to build a stronger body, boost their confidence and dramatically reduce the risk of injury in their sport.
Youth FIRE Strength & Conditioning program builds stronger, fitter and more confident young males & females to dominate in their sport.

Elite PT have over 5 years experience training youth from 7yrs old to 15 years old with over 100 Hong Kong young males & females that have gone through our system. 

We focus heavily on movement & technique with NO LOAD until the youth has “picture perfect” form.  To optimize results, we require your youth to commit for 6-12 months.

Our Programs are balanced, SAFE & progressive. 

It includes:

•    Correct Movement Patterns
Improve their squat, lunge, push, pull, press, rotation & gait all used in their given sport.

•    Moderate Strength & Core Training
Build strength & injury prevention for their sport.

•    Fitness Conditioning
To build endurance, anaerobic, stamina

 •    Flexibility
To stretch muscles in their ever growing body, improve mobility through joints for better movement.

•    Power, Speed & Agility
To be faster, change directions quicker and physically dominate in their sport.

Note the program will only operate outside of holiday periods.  You may also create your youth’s own group with a bunch of like-minded friends!