Why do these kids come to Tribe Kids?  Its not what you think...

James didn’t like physical activity and was under confident in sports due to his small stature.  His Mum brought him to us to build up his confidence and self esteem and teach him how to move, in a fun and supportive environment.

In the 6 months that James has been with us, he has come leaps and bounds in confidence and is now helping some of the other kids in the class.  James can now converse confidently with kids and adults in his circles.

Dates :  Mon 21st & Wed 23rd December

             Mon 28th & Wed 30th December

Time  :  10am – 12pm

$1,200-00 per week

$2,280-00 for 2 weeks

Apply for our 2 – week Xmas Tribe Kids Strength & Conditioning Program starting 21st December. 

Apply Now and Type in code: Confidence