How strong is your youth?

Keeping motivated over CNY?

Keep your eye on the ball this CNY season with our Youth Strength & Conditioning Program.

2 hour Program
10am – 12pm

Your youth will have:

1. Qualified & experienced Strength & Conditioning coaches

2. 1on1 time

3. Youth specific strength training

4. Safe, Progressive, Simple Lifts

5. No weighted lifts are done until the youth demonstrates competency in technique

6. Aerobic Conditioning

7. Flexibility and Prehab Training

8. Tips on Diet and lifestyle

4 sessions over the 2 week holiday and they’ll be stronger, fitter and ready for the 2016 sporting season.





6 Spots only.

Perfect for 13-15yr old football athletes.

Apply for our 2 week CNY Youth Fire Strength & Conditioning Program starting 8th, 10th 12th February.

Type in code: Stay fit