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Rochelle Corbett

Rochelle is our nutritionist, specialising in achieving true lasting change for her clients, by coaching for a balanced mindset.

Her love of fitness started at the age of nine when she attended her first aerobics class with her mum, who was the class instructor. Her fate was sealed and she was hooked!

Over the years her passion for fitness has evolved into a combined enthusiasm for good nutrition and fitness. She understands the challenges of her clients who want to make changes in their body composition, having herself achieved a 17kg weight loss. Being a full-time working mum, she understands the daily trials clients face with their busy lifestyles, regardless of whether they are working professionals, stay at home parents, or travelling a lot. Challenges are always present for every situation.

Rochelle believes that mindset is the key to achieving anything. Her philosophy for nutrition and fitness is to encourage a balanced mindset around the individual’s lifestyle, in order to achieve long-term sustainable nutrition and fitness results. 

Her motto is ‘little changes; lasting results’.


  • Precision Nutrition
  • ACE Group Fitness
  • AFPA Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist
  • Adv. Yoga Teacher
  • Poliquin Personal Trainer (current)