Recommit to Your Resolutions Challenge

“This is my year to really stick with it and achieve my goals!”


Ah...remember back in late December/early January when you were excited, dedicated, and motivated to attack your New Year’s Resolutions head on?


But if you’re like over 90% of people who set a New Year’s Resolution, that enthusiasm has waned as the reality of the work required to achieve your goals set in. Maybe you’re still chipping away at those resolutions, but sadly, by March many people have given up completely.


According to current research, only 8% of people who set a New Year’s Resolution actually achieve it.


We are here to change that.

We are inviting you to sign up for our 4 week Recommit to Resolutions Challenge starting on February 26th. We are going to give you the guidance and accountability that you need to succeed.

By signing up you will be:

  • partaking in 2 off peak training sessions a week.

  • alongside this you will also get 2 x 60 minute nutrition sessions

  • weekly information emails and

  • trainer advice access



  • 2 x PW FIRE - $3,700
  • 2 x PW 1on1 - $6,950

If you would like to have more sessions a week please see below:

  • 3 x PW FIRE - $5,050
  • 3 x PW 1on1 - $9,910


Please fill in the form and will we get back to you with some more information and send you our FREE 4-step guide to staying on track and motivated!

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