Training Overweight & Obese Kids

Overweight and obese children generally don't like to exercise as the extra weight they are carrying sometimes means they tire quickly. They may often be too self-conscious to run around or may not to want to keep up with their peers, as they have often failed in the past.

Sometimes some exercises may just be plain too difficult for them, because of their extra baggage, like burpees and ab crunches as well as high impact exercises. Strength exercises are perfect for overweight kids, especially as this is the most effective wayto improve bone density.

Most of all, they require a lot of encouragement and praise for small wins, they need exercises that are fun and varied, in short bursts, and perhaps omitting the competitive element. If they tire, just give them lots of breaks!

It’s also crucial that nutrition coaching is given to any overweight child (and his/ her parents), as a poor diet is often the reason why little Johnny became overweight in the first place. It will also be the solution to keeping it off in the long term.

If your child or teenager would benefit from some help to improve his or her body composition, then let us know. We have a wealth of experience training youngsters in fun, engaging ways that achieve results.