Morning cold showers and breathing exercise.

Who wouldn’t want to be resistant to cold, heat, stress, depression and flue? It seems that almost everybody can achieve it.

Wim Hof was the first human who scientifically proved that autonomic nervous system can be influenced by human will. This means that we can teach our body to resist cold and heat, but not only that. It is known as a fact now that after 4 days of breathing and concentration exercises and cold showers our organism is capable of fighting stress and depression, and the ability to concentrate rises to new heights. A team of scientists from Radboud Hospital in Nijmegan, Denmark believes that breathing exercises and cold shower also help against tissue inflammation, arthritis, allergies, and pain.

How does the cold shower help?

With cold exposure, you can condition the veins to become larger and allow more warm blood to reach your extremities. When you first enter the cold, the veins and arteries will constrict, restricting blood flow immensely.

After they're conditioned, the veins and arteries open back up again, while in the cold, and they can continue to pump warm blood to exposed parts of your body. This increases the circumference of the walls of both the veins and arteries… It's all natural.

Breathing exercises affect the blood chemistry by changing the blood PH levels. This in turn affects the part of the brain that we usually cannot control together with autonomous nervous system.

Hopefully there will be more studies released about this topic in the future to make the benefits of cold shower and breathing exercises even more clear.