Corrective Exercise Trainer

Hi, my name is Taivo Stimmer. This is a German-Estonian name and means "tuner". I was born in Estonia and I've had two obsessions almost all my life. The first one is music of course. I played trombone in different wind orchestras and big bands for 15 years and also composed hip-hop and reggae music in different groups.

The other obsession I have is sport. I have been an active amateur athlete for most of my life. First it was football, then basketball, floorball and running. I managed to become Estonian Champion in running at age 17 just before overtraining and finding my new love- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. 

I am testing different training methods currently. Mostly involving the joint mobility and overall physical and mental health. This means that most of my studies involve behavioural change, human behaviour, critical thinking theories and nutrition.

I have a bachelor degree in Health Sciences and Physical Education. 

I have trained windsurfers for the most of my life. I conducted their strength and conditioning training for 7 years. I was chosen to be the Under 15 year National Team Coach in 2010 and two of my grown-up students have participated at London Olympic Games in 2012. So I have worked with people aged 3,5 to 55; with children who want to play up to people who trained for the biggest sporting event in the world. 

If I haven’t already introduced myself to you at the studio, please come and tap me on the shoulder.  I look forward to meeting everyone at EPT.