Exercising In a Group Will Keep You Training Longer in Southside Hong Kong

      I have been listening to a podcast by Paul Belford and he made some really great insights how people are now exercising and some reason why people stay in exercise longer than others.

            People who exercise in a group exercise are exercising longer than those who exercise alone.

Whether it’s the community of people they are exercising with or the coach people are staying in exercise longer in a group style setting than on their own.  This may be part because when they are exercising on their own, there is no accountability to show up if they don’t get out of bed or pull themselves away from work.  It’s just “ I can train tomorrow” mentality. It helps if you have an awesome coach who not only motivates people during their session but also outside of their session.  I remember one client saying to me that he gets a good kick up the arse when he hears from me saying “Hey, where were you today??”

People over the ages of 35 like routine. 

Stats show that people between 35-55 yrs old like routine.  If the class is on a Monday at 6.30am then they put in their diary and usually stick to it.  We are creatures of habit and that habit is even more in ground as we get older.  People under 35 tend to exercise more but at more random times.  Guess what all my clients are between the ages of 35-55!

People who played team sport like the “camaraderie” of playing with others. When you were a kid, you turn up to training because you were going to see some of your mates there.  When you turned up late.  The coach would write you off for being late and there was a lot of banter and encouragement throughout the session amongst your peers.  It’s the same in group exercise.  The pressure of your peers, when it is kept fun, is highly motivating.


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