A young mother spends her week shuttling her young ones to school, between friend’s houses, to the various other extra curricular activities available in the city. She’s been packing lunch boxes and cleaning countertops all week. She’s tired.

Then, some news. She is invited with her husband to a formal function on a Friday evening and she’s excited for a night out on the town.

But what to wear? She goes to the closet; she selects her favourite dress – the one she hasn’t had cause to wear in quite some time. She puts it on…only to find that in no longer fits.
She is crushed.

But she doesn’t have to be! Here at Elite Personal Training, we know that life for the contemporary mother in Hong Kong can be hectic. We know that this truth is especially evident in Wong Chuk Hang. And, best of all, we are here to help!

Whether you want to squeeze into that old dress or just improve your figure, our boutique Wong Chuk Hang studio has a workout tailor made for you.

Our experienced staff recognizes that every woman is different, and it is our goal to help each who enters our studio obtain the body she wants. With our Holistic Personal Training Program (available 1 on 1, 2 on 1, or in groups of 3+) we can help Hong Kong women lose up to 5kg of body fat in her first month, and an additional 2kg per month following that.

It is our vow to not only address a client’s physical well being, via workout plans and nutrition information, but to also pay attention to her mental well being. We like to help nurture positive thinking tactics that make goal setting, motivation and time management a priority.

Elite Personal Training offers a wide selection of services. Each woman is sure to find a plan that fits her individual needs…and before long, this plan will be sure to find her fitting into that beautiful dress.

Whether you are looking to lose weight quickly, to maintain the body you already have, or to do anything in between, come visit us today and let us help you!

Let us teach you more about back pain in Hong Kong!

Register here for our free video series on back pain.  In this guide you will learn about key components of back pain,  how we can work in Hong Kong with back pain,  and more importantly, exercises to help mobilize and strengthen the lower back.