Client Of The Month May

Celine Racmacher

I’m nearly 45 years old (in 1 month) , French, married with one daughter of 3.5 years old, who was born in HK.

I have always done sports since I’m young and done many of them (tennis, running, kayak, ski, swimming, bike, gym, yoga, wuwang, golf, hiking). I’m a very active person and I have difficulties to stay without doing anything!

Sports and action are necessary to me, to feel well.  After my pregnancy, I started again but with up and downs and not on a very regular basis. I also had a very difficult start with our baby as she was very sick and spent 1st 6 months in hospital, therefore I fight my "tiredness and depression" with too much chocolate and French cheese/wine/ baguette ;-) and gain some weight. Then unfortunately my yoga club moved and I could not find one nearby my home or office and so was not very active. 

Last year, we have moved our office in Regency centre and I went to the public swimming pool nearby every week to swim 1 km from April through October.  After its closure, I felt I need to do something and I discovered that there was also a "gym" in the building and this is how I found EPT!! Lucky me :-)

My main target is to be fit again, to feel energetic, active (even I don’t loose much weight; this is not my main target). I find EPT helps me a lot in this way, with a very professional and dedicated approach, taking care of my body history and pain and pushing me step by step to harder things. All coaches are very kind and professional and the fact that we are only 4 people in the class is also a good point. And, of course, it is very convenient for me as I only have 5 floors to go to be there.

Doing sport or staying outside is one of my favourite hobby and my husband and I do hiking every weekend. But, I also like to do things with my daughter, go out with friends, enjoy beaches in HK, explore all aspects and places of HK, travel, cook, test some new restaurants (for French people, cuisine and food is an important part of life ;-)) and shop till I drop!

We are living in HK for 6 years now.
When we were based in Paris, my husband and I came and spent a lot of time in HK in our previous jobs. We both loved it and we always had in mind to move here one day if possible. Approaching 40 years old and having a job change, we thought the time has come to move!

We packed our luggage and arrived here 6 years ago. Since then, we are working together in my husband s trading company (specialised in fashion accessories and shoes). Living here allows us to be closer of all our production sites even my husband has to travel to Europe nearly every month to meet our customers there.

I love HK, its energy, the fact that is it really international, the big city from which you can escape in 10 minutes and stay on the beach or hike in the countryside, the high service level, the safety, the high level of education for our daughter, etc... and even the hot weather.

Mark Dineley

Growing up I was always into sports including rugby, soccer, running, and golf. Moving to Hong Kong most of time was committed to running my business and I set no time aside to focus on exercise. I am now trying to at least commit some time to this on a weekly basis to make an effort to get back to leading a healthier lifestyle and exercise again. EPT offers this and I enjoy the flexibility and convenience as well as the trainers approach.

Youth Female - Sarah Elisabeth Page

My hobbies are netball and sailing. No matter how many bruises, scrapes and twisted ankles I get, I continue to play passionately in those sports. 
My dreams are to become a successful lawyer and sail and travel around the world. (But I'm only 14, so still trying to work out how I'm going to do both demanding and time-consuming things at the same time.)

I train because I need to be fit for the sports that I do and it's a brilliant way to de-stress. It's also a way to challenge yourself by getting pushed to your limits. Trust me, once you've trained hard and tried your best, you get the best feeling in the world - which is to be really proud of yourself. 

Youth Male - Edoardo Tanas

Edoardo is a smart young man who knows what he is doing in the gym. He is also an outstanding competitive windsurfer and works on his strength and conditioning at EPT under Danny Atamo.