Here at Elite Personal Training we know that Hong Kong can be a pretty hectic place and that the businessmen who make Hong Kong the thriving, vibrant city that it is today have hectic schedules as a result. Being on the clock around the clock can be pretty draining, no question about that. This lifestyle can be mentally stimulating and is often financially lucrative. It puts food on the family table and can be very rewarding professionally.

It is also physically draining. After a day of non stop action at the work place, we all love those after work beverages with the guys, the TV and junk food with the kids, the nights out on the town with the wife. These things, deserved as they may be, can catch up with men of a certain age as the years pass.

We know that many men in Hong Kong recognize that they need to put some effort into maintaining their physical health, but we also know that the questions these men often have are not so much what to do and why, but when to do it, where to get it done and how.

My schedule is jam packed! When will I find the time to exercise?
Where can I find a place that tailors their work out to my schedule?
I know I need to stay healthy and fit, but how!?

Here at Elite Personal Training, we’ve identified these common Hong Kong workout inquiries, and our studio is here to help.

Like many of you, we take our jobs seriously, which is why we are proud to offer a lunchtime fitness program, geared specifically towards fitting into the schedules of the busiest, hardest working people in Hong Kong! We are the only workout studio in Wong Chuk Hang with a training program held during lunch hour, because we pride ourselves in our ability to be available.

With our highly skilled training staff and our wide variety of programs geared towards men, including corrective programs designed specifically for those with pre-existing injuries and conditions, let us help you with the how.

As for the where and the when? Why not try Elite Personal Training’s Wong Chuk Hang studio tomorrow at lunch? It’s our job to get you in and our with more energy, and we take our job seriously! Use the form below to request contact with our director Nate. He will be happy to get you to where you need to be.