Why Personal Training Could Benefit You

Let me paint a scenario for you. Life in HK is pretty hectic. You get up early, shower, feed the kids, feed the pets, and (most of the time) remember to feed to yourself before you head out. You go to work, meetings and appointments, sitting down at a desk, or running around dropping kids off, running errands, cooking, cleaning or fitting in work between child pick-ups.

You might go to the gym only to sit down on a stationary bike or run on the treadmill, you do this repetitively over a few weeks, and then wonder why your body shape has not changed, your energy and motivation levels are down and you are growing sick of the same routine over and over again.

Sound familiar? Well this is where a great PT (great PT, not just a PT) is worth their weight in gold. A great PT will give you the tools to create and sculpt the body you want, they will take the guess work out of the mountain you wish to climb and apply proven and scientific methods to achieve results. A great PT will make you accountable, will give you progressive overload, with constantly varied training tools so that your body does not adapt to just one method. They will train each of your energy systems not just aerobic.

The real value of a PT is also to make sure that each exercise you perform is with excellent form to ensure safety and to prevent injury. They may also help to correct any existing conditions and niggles that you have to stop pain. Ultimately to get you fit for life.

In addition, a great PT will get you hitting PRs on lifts and doing exercises you never thought you could. They will be your sounding board, your holistic ‘go to person’. Having trouble with the dog, they are your Cesar Milan. Can’t start the car? They are your mechanic. Problem with your kids? They can sort that out too. They know the difference between cardio and conditioning and how it affects your body. A great trainer will lead you from point A to B navigating and narrating as you go. Pick the right one and they will be the highlight in your day.

The rest is up to you, but believe me, it will be a ton of fun and a life-long friendship.