What Your Friends Will Tell You To Do To Lose Weight

I love the holiday season more than most, but I’m always happy when it’s all over and I can get back to normal, eat my (generally) healthy diet and lose the few pounds I’ve accumulated and get back into my gym routine.

If you have more than a few pounds you’d like to lose, for whatever reason, here are a bunch of the ways your friends may advise you how to do it:

  • IF- Intermittent fasting uses the principle that after burning your glucose stores, your body goes into ketosis, which burns fat for energy, it can therefore help you to lose weight. There is also a school of thought that fasting can cure illnesses and can clear toxins from the body. Drawbacks are that you have to fast for 24 hrs once per week or skip breakfast to reap the benefit. It may not suit everybody and friends/ family will need to work to your schedule.

  • Drop the carbs. This will ensure you drop pounds quickly, however it is often not a great long term strategy. If you are active, you may burn muscle as well as fat. You also need to plan ahead for meals and you may get hungry.

  • Just work out. Workouts will burn calories but improving your diet as well will affect your body composition and your overall health.

  • Cut calories, yes but 100 calories of mars bar is not the same as 100 calories of cashews, as they have different hormonal effects on your body.

  • Eat less, again this works but needs self-control. It may also affect your nutrition intake.

  • Eat more fruit and veggies, this is based on the principle that there you will have less room for higher calorie food. Very good for increasing your nutritional intake.

  • Get more active. This is a good strategy for people that lead a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Get busier, kill emotional and boredom eating. A good strategy if you find you eat out of boredom.

We suggest a balanced approach. Include more physical activity in your day, include workouts specific to your needs and fitness level, and eat a balanced healthy diet. Ensure you get enough sleep, drink enough water, be happy and have a positive mindset. Most of all be consistent. Take one day at a time, and be as healthy as you can each day. Have a long term plan; plan for 12 months, not 12 weeks. Focus on improving your performance and being healthy through nutrition and lifestyle choices, rather than just looking at the scales, which may disappoint.