7 easy steps to get your diet back into the groove

  1. Clear out your fridge and cupboards of holiday junk food, chocolates, crisps etc. Eliminate the white devils, white flour, sugar and homogenised & pasteurized milk. Donate to a charity if you don’t want to throw it away. Sometimes freezing food is a good plan, it means you often can’t just open the fridge and take it out to eat straightaway, thus taking away the impulse factor.

  2. Work out why you want to get your diet back on track? To feel better? To have more energy? To be healthier? To lose weight? What’s your personal reason. Stick it on a post it on the fridge and a mirror.

  3. Establish your SMART goal; be specific and have a timeline. Be specific, make sure your goal is measurable and time specific.

  4. Break down the small changes that you will get you to your goal, ie what small change will you make this week, and next, and the week after? Reward yourself with non-food related treats when you have hit your weekly/ monthly goals.

  5. Establish a fitness or activity routine. The more active you are, the easier it is to to stick to that diet, the two just go hand in hand!

  6. Start researching healthy recipes and clean treat foods – develop your repertoire in the kitchen. Developing tasty healthy recipes will ensure your family is healthy too!

  7. Plan, prep and plan again! If you have a cooked chicken breast in the fridge you are much more likely to reach for that than a packet of crisps when you are hungry. If you work away from home, pack up and take your lunch and snacks with you, so you always have food to hand and again, less likely to accept the chocolate biscuit or run out and grab the first thing when starving!