Interview with Nacho Eluso: EPT's Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Nacho is EPT’s strength and conditioning specialist. Here's our quick Q&A with him. 

Why did you become a trainer?

I’ve been active and into sports all my life, becoming a professional rugby player at the age of 21. As my life, at that time, was playing and training, when I retired, the most natural thing for me was to become a personal trainer. Having experience and being educated is important too.

What gets you up in the mornings?

I'm passionate about helping my clients reach their goals (to become fitter, stronger, more mobile,).  I also do my best to ensure they have fun during our sessions!

What are your interests?

I love helping people achieve their goals, which subsequently makes them happy. I’m particularly interested in sports conditioning for athletes of any level, including young athletes

Things to look in for a PT

I think it’s important for a trainer to have experience, a good knowledge base,  plus they really need to understand how the human body works.  I always start with SMART goals and begin with the basics, building strong foundations, progressing through a tailor made programme for each client in order to reach their initial goals. Once these are reached, then we re-set and continue.

"Prior to training with EPT, my level of fitness was relatively low.  Having exercised minimally during my final years of school, I was not in the condition required for military service at the end of the summer.  Working with Nacho and EPT helped improve my fitness level through intense training, allowing me to pass both a pre-enlistment fitness test and feel more physically prepared for the army.

Despite the challenges of the training, I’m also more motivated to engage in exercise.  Overall, the experience has been beneficial and one that I would recommend to others in a similar situation."

Sean Seow

18 Years old

PT 1on1 training