A Pain in the Neck: Amy's Road to Recovery

One of EPT’s clients, Amy, came to us after she had had enough of her neck and shoulder pain that she’d been suffering with for seven years. She went from one doctor to another, each giving some, but not long lasting, relief. Her sleep was suffering, her husband was suffering. Her nerves were suffering!

Amy’s muscles in her neck and shoulders were becoming gradually weaker and this meant she avoided all sports and physical activity, not wanting to aggravate her condition which may result in her having to back to the doctor’s surgery, causing a vicious cycle.

One Christmas, her husband bought her a six-month package with EPT. At first, Amy was reluctant, as she used to take part in ‘bootcamp’ style training, and it was frustrating for her as her body would not respond as it used to.

It was a slow process, but gradually, as muscles throughout her core, neck, back and shoulders began to strengthen, and chronically tight muscles began to relax, she began feeling much less pain, even having pain free days!

By the third month, she was strong enough to start lifting light weights, progressing to lifting 75% of her bodyweight. This was more than enough to build her confidence, and being able to be increasingly more active.

After 12 months with EPT, Amy is able to to do things in and out of the gym that she hasn’t been able to do in years. When her neck is tight, she has learned how to manage it, and she knows her body so much more than she did 12 months ago. Most importantly she has her life back and is an independent woman once more.