Trigger Happy

Trigger Point Therapy (TPT) is the new stretching!

But what is it?

Your muscles are encased in a skin, called the fascia. When your muscles are tight, dehydrated or even under-ultilised, then the fascia can stick to the muscle, creating pain, poor tracking and de-activation of the joints.

TPT is a massage for your muscles. Pushing on the fascia and muscles, helps them to separate from each other, ensuring that when the muscle contracts and relaxes, it slides better, thus improving tracking of joints when they move. This decreases the chance of pinching (impingement) or rubbing of joints, that can cause swelling and inflammation.

Try it before or after your workout, to improve your biomechanics and release your muscles.

When combined with adequate rest, sleep and hydration, it can make the difference between pain and no pain the next day or even during your workout.

So how do you do it? Get your foam roller out or buy a number of trigger point products to help with release. We find the "Tigger Point Therapy" grid, balls, quad & calf roller the best out there. EPT stock a number of these essential products. Pop in today and take a look!