3 Steps To A New Baby Daddy

One group of clients that we typically see at EPT are men who are either:

  • stressed out
  • exhausted
  • have ‘weekend warrior’ injuries
  • have a ‘niggle’ that has become worse as time has progressed ie back ache, knee problems
  • wanting to lose some weight
  • wanting to get fit so they can play football with their kids

They often attend a gym or go for a run a couple of times per week when they have time, but it doesn’t quite solve the issues that they are becoming more aware of.

Typically, this results in the guy being unhappy, dissatisfied, scared their problem will get worse and they just don’t know how to deal with it, or become fearful, ie if I can’t run around with my boys I’m a bad parent…

Our approach is holistic as we aim to balance the body. If they have back pain, we always start with PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitated) stretching and core work. If it’s fat loss, then we start with the right nutrition plan to match their lifestyle, within their comfort zone. For example, giving advice about what to eat while travelling or meal by mean planning with our qualified nutritionist.

When these aspects are in order, he will sleep more soundly, have more energy and gain motivation to get back on track, even if his wheel have fallen off; perfect for that middle aged man who has neglected himself over the past few years of working too hard to bring home the bacon.

We then develop a workable plan over 12 weeks, typically consisting of 2 sessions per week, including nutritionist consultations, with regular catch up meetings to keep them on track.

Generally, men lose anywhere between 2-5kg of body fat per month with the right nutrition plan, they sleep better, experience an increase in energy levels, are more calm and less tired.


Here are a couple of comments from our recent clients describing how EPT has helped them achieve their goals:

Alex Smeet: "I came to Hong Kong about 6 months ago and the first thing I did was find a great Corrective Exercise Studio. My brother, who lives in Switzerland, recommended I try EPT Studio, who he had heard great things about. I suffer from chronic backache and within a few months EPT had helped me exponentially.  I can’t recommend them enough, if not for EPT I would still be in pain."

Michael Spencer: “I’ve been working out at EPT for about two months. My wife inspired me to come and I thought, “Oh ok how hard can it be?” However, it’s been tough, but I feel stronger, I have more balance and I don’t have knee pain anymore. I appreciate everything that everyone’s done here to make me stronger and get me back in shape.”