How to start a new year with resolutions that will really stick

We do it every year. Either one big one or a number of smaller ones. Come March, our resolutions are distant memories, like the popping of corks on New Year’s Eve.

So you want to do it a bit differently this year, but how?



  1. Resolve to make a change that you know you can do. There’s no point in making a change you can’t stick to, it needs to be achievable for you.

  2. Revisit an old resolution that you failed at before. Why? You have the benefit of hindsight and you know where you fell down last time, so hopefully this means that you won’t make the same mistakes again. Resolve to approach differently.

  3. Choose a resolution that you really know why you want it. This will take some thought and introspection…. and maybe lots of post-its on your fridge!

  4. Tell all your friends and family your plan and ask for help. For example, if you plan to give up smoking, ask your smoking friends not to smoke around you for the first couple of weeks.

  5. Set yourself a start date. It doesn’t have to be the 1st January, it can be any day you choose. Psychologically give yourself a warm up period.

  6. Create other habits that will support the one habit you want to create. If you want to eat more healthily, get exercising as well. The two bounce off each other.

  7. Give yourself a deadline and a reward at the end. You may have a beach holiday booked for Easter, so you want to get leaner and build some muscle. Perfect! A relatively short time span with the reward of looking awesome in your swimwear at the end!

  8. Also, chop down your longer term goal into shorter timelines, reward yourself regularly when you are staying on track.

  9. Take one day at a time! Keep sticking to your goals each hour of each day, and your longer term goal will come together all by itself!