Look Great in That Sparkly Number

There’s only a few weeks until Christmas and you’ve got a few parties lined up. You want to look good, but the post summer workout regime that you meant to start back in September didn’t quite get off the ground.

So what can you do in just a few weeks? Well here’s EPT’s five top tips:


Just standing up straight, with your shoulders back can make the world of difference. You will instantly appear taller and slimmer, giving you an air of confidence. If you think your posture needs more help, then get a postural assessment.


A strong core, to us, is everything. As well as giving strength, power and stability in the gym and on the sports field, visually it gives you a thinner waist and that hour glass look we all desire.

Weight Training

If you have time to spare, it’s usually better to spend it lifting weights than going for a run or other cardio. It tones and shapes the body, so muscle goes to the right places (rear, stomach, arms) and legs and hips become thinner because of increase in muscle tone and increased metabolism.

Weight training can also iron out imperfections, for example, increasing shoulder muscles to balance out broader hips.


Eat real food. But do eat as starving will just reduce your metabolism. Avoid junk food and sugar and eat small portions of protein and vegetables.

Don’t drink your calories, so stick to water only.


Don’t forget to get your full quota of zzzz’s. Aim for 7-8 hours per night, if you can. Reduced sleep will increase your levels of the hormone ghrelin and make you want to eat those sticky doughnuts or pizza.