Get Active with Your Family Over the Holidays

If you have family or friends staying with you over the festive period, it may mean that it may be more difficult to keep to your usual workout routine, however you can still stay active. Here’s how:

  • Play with kids every day, find a ball and get out there and play some footy.  If it’s winter, rug the kids up and get out for a hike or drag them on a sled (if you are lucky enough to be somewhere snowy)

  • If you can find a grassy hill in a park, grab some cardboard and slide down and get back up to the top; a great workout for the legs  

  • Find a hill and go for a walk upwards or just hike; so many hiking trails and a range of difficulty in Hong Kong

  • Go for a bike ride- on your own or hire bikes- Tai Wai to Tai PO is a great biking trail.

  • Clean out the spare room, your old clothes, your garden, rooftop or balcony

  • Put together a fun bootcamp using any equipment you have at home, with bodyweight exercises and a TRX. Have a family workout in the park, roof, garden or front room