My kids are at school and I want to Invest in me now

You’ve spent the last 5+years putting yourself second, third or even fourth, but now you are mindful that you are getting a little older and you want to build fitness and energy to last into your middle age and beyond. Maybe you have a little more time on your hands now your little ones are in school for at least half a day and you’d like to put it to good use, losing some fat, building some muscle and getting more mobile.

Get Going

How should you start? I guess that depends on what you’ve been doing up until now. If it’s not very much at all, then it’s a good idea to start slowly, ideally with a fitness professional who can make sure that your posture and form is optimal to ensure you create a great foundation for further fitness development.

Sweat Schedule

It’s also important to schedule your workout. Although you may have a few hours extra in your day, it’s surprising how quickly these hours can be zapped. Fitting your workout in straight after the school run, is often a good plan.

Give Yourself a Break

If this is the first time you’ve really been active since the birth of your kids, or even ever (eek!!), then we’ll need to start at the beginning; making sure you develop good balance and stability and a strong core. These areas may take a little time to develop, but be patient and do the homework your trainer suggests!

Eat For Fitness and Health

If you really want to invest in your health, then evaluating your diet is one of the best ways to get you feeling fitter and healthier. EPT has two excellent Precision Nutrition coaches who can analyse your diet and expunge any less than ideal habits.