I Used to Be Really Fit, but Now I Don't Really Know Where to Start

One type of client we see on a regular basis is the person that used to be very sporty in their younger years or before they had children. You know before life and paying a mortgage got in the way!

They certainly know what it feels like to be fit and that familiar ache of using muscles, but because they’ve been away from training for months or even years, they are not use what the best thing is to do.

I always suggest that people start slowly, with something low impact like yoga, pilates, swimming even; to get mobility back into their joints and to start to build strength, in readiness for other more intensive activities.

Before jumping belly first into a new regime, it’s advisable to seek professional advice from a trainer. By ensuring that you build a strong balanced foundation, they will make sure that your new found zest for activity does not result in an injury a few weeks later.

Gaining solid nutritional advice at the beginning is going to help you nourish your body and help you recover from workouts quicker, plus help you to achieve any body composition changes that you would like