We took a few minutes to catch up with one of our Precision Nutrition Coaches, Rochelle:

Why are you a nutrition coach?

It’s a very confusing world full of fad diets, conflicting information, and constantly being sold marketing jargon. It truly is difficult for people to understand what is actually good nutrition and the best choices to make.

I’ve been a victim of fad diets, meal replacements, counting points, frozen meal plans, etc, believing they were best ways of losing weight, only to find myself fatter, unhealthier, miserable, and constantly on the yo-yo (diet) cycle…fat, thin, fat, thin, miserable…. with constant blood sugar highs and lows.

Three years after my son was born, and an additional 17kgs later, I decided enough was enough. I found a way to lose weight eating real food; no fads, and to my surprise the blood sugar highs and lows that I had experienced almost all of my life, disappeared. I gained energy and my energy levels remained constant, even if I chose to have a blow-out.

Initially this journey was for my own benefit. However, having experienced my own challenges of being a full-time working mum, finding time to not only buy but organise healthy food for the week, changing my mindset, balancing work-social-family life along with good dietary choices, and all the other trials and tribulations along the way, I believe that no-one should walk this journey alone.

There is no better reward to see a client’s ‘light bulb moment’ when they find their blind spot(s) and realise that what they thought was impossible is actually possible.

How long have you been doing it?

My passion for food, health and fitness dates back to when I was very young, when my mum, who was an aerobic instructor, took me to her classes. That started my journey. I’m part Maori and growing up in the Maori culture, food was a big part of my life. Later on, I studied nutrition and fitness, and continued to further my knowledge.

What drives you?

Ultimately, helping others. There is no better satisfaction to see a fresh sense of energy, to see hard work paying off, and to see achievements and progress.

Where do you want to go?

I’d love to be a Jamie Oliver and be able to educate the public on what is really in their food, and for the public to be able to make educated, and better choices.  Much of the world has an obesity epidemic; if there is any way I can help people to improve their knowledge, and therefore improve their health, decrease medical expenses, educate their kids on better choices, etc. I want to part of that.

Your other interests

Alongside health, fitness, food and my family, my other biggest passion is travelling. I’ve travelled a lot, and lived in NZ, Australia, UK, Germany and am into my 10th year in Hong Kong. I also enjoy reading, and learning; I’ll never stop discovering.