Chris Scott

My background.

I’m a personal trainer with eight years’ experience and a degree in sports science. My background is in strength and conditioning before I moved into movement based training, corrective exercise and calisthenics.

My training.

Corrective strength training; I want my clients to get strong while constantly working on their posture, muscle imbalances and movement efficiency/ quality of movement.

My training philosophy.

Your health and genetics dictate your quantity of life. Your body, fitness, movement abilities and posture dictate your quality of life. I believe no one should live in chronic pain and as the body is in constant change, training and mobility is a continual process.

My background.

I’ve worked with a wide range of clients, ranging from kids as young as three years old, to adults as senior as 64. My clients have a variety of abilities; from complete beginners to exercise, clients with injuries and nerve issues who just want to move with less pain, all the way up to professional athletes, Everest climbers, marathon runners, rugby players, dragon boaters and fighters.

My clients need to be:

  • Open minded to new training methodologies and research; to realise what worked for them in the past might not work anymore
  • Patient when we break everything down, when trying to find the biggest limiting factors to their movement and strength; whether it be muscle imbalances, strength imbalances, previous injuries that never fully recovered or a nutritional issue, hormonal imbalance or lifestyle issue
  • Willing to work hard when called upon, be accountable for their life outside of the gym; following their nutrition plan, tracking their exercise routine, being willing to address any issues or roadblocks in their training authentically and avoid building excuses and scape goats

Also having a sense of humour never does any harm, as training should be fun!

About me.

  • I’ve been involved in sport and fitness my whole life. I was never the best athlete growing up, but I always believed that hard work and commitment would yield long term results.

  • I played football and rugby and took part in athletics all through school. Rugby was my biggest passion in my teenage years and I played for Valley RFC, working my way from First Valley u18s team all the way up to 1st/2nd XV performance squad. I also represented HK university select rep team a few times vs China u20s. 

  • When was 18, I discovered Muay Thai after initially trying some other martial arts growing up. I was hooked after my first training session and what originally started as extra fitness with my brothers, turned into quitting rugby half way through university to start fighting all across England and Wales. The purity of a martial arts competition drew me as it was the toughest mental and physical test I could find. I continued to fight for a few years after returning to HK, totalling 20 fights in the UK and HK.

What makes me Happy

  • Training
  • Helping people to empower and change in their body and life,
  • My Xbox one
  • Dogs
  • Any superhero TV show/ movie
  • My nieces and nephews