What they said about TRIBE™ Team Training Hong Kong

I think the workout was absolutely amazing, the team on the floor was allot of group effort in it and you just feel energized after, love it!

My name is Michael from Slovakia, I'm one of the best triathletes on earth, what I think about the Tribe team training is that its fantastic, its the new thing that everyone should try, you will see the difference from other exercises that they have done and a change for what people already do.

It was a very tough workout, I started off with a pretty heavy weight so I got tired towards the end, so next time i do it, Ill gradually work up. I felt it in my core, i felt that its done the job.



That was a good workout, felt like it really worked out my abs. Definitely allot of exercises that I haven't sen before, allot of new ones. Allot of things to maybe try again, definitely a new experience...it was good, painful...but yeah good.