Who Is My Trainer - Mike Wong

Congrats on being chosen Trainer of the Month!

Your clients generally only know the ‘trainer’ side of you, so you are somewhat of  an enigma to them.  I’d like all our clients to get to know you better, so please can you fill in the below questions for me.  Feel free to be funny, witty, smart, boring, whatever, as long as you’re honest! 

1. Where do you heal from and how long have you been in Hong Kong?

Canadian born Hong Konger from Toronto, Ontario. Lived in HK for most of my life so far. 

2. Why did you become a trainer?

I was teaching primary school part time but the study path for full time teaching was too long and costly especially when you live by yourself and still have Uni loans to pay!  I wanted to also find a job where I could have the time to continue training as a competitive power lifter in HK. By becoming a personal trainer I could continue to educate and improve others while having the time to train for my sport. 

3. Who, or what, was your inspiration?

My inspiration is my coach who spotted me and started training me for powerlifting, Lau Kwon Chiu (80’s HK bodybuilding champion). I wouldn’t be in this industry if he didn’t set me on this path. 

4. Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I was overweight and one of the worst in the class in sports and PE back in the school days. Now I regularly compete and work in the fitness industry. You never know where your life will take you. 

5. Complete these sentences:

I can’t live without:  Rice

My favourite book is: Watchmen (Alan Moore) 

My favourite food is:    Anything that is not a salad 

Last night I:  was having no luck on Tinder