Spice up your Hong Kong workdays with these office exercises

We all know how busy life can get in Aberdeen. Between long office hours, family and friends who has time to squeeze in a regular exercise routine in their busy lives? But what if we told you there is a way to add exercise to your workday routine? Here are 10 fun and simple ways to add some much needed physical activity to your daily routine.

1.      Adjust your commute

     If you drive a car to work try to park it as far away from the building entrance as possible, or even in the lot of a nearby building. This way you’ll get a quick walk before and after work hours. If your home isn’t too far away from your office, try walking the whole way, or ride a bike to work. If you use public transportation, get off earlier and walk to your office. Once there, take the stairs rather than the elevator.  

2.      Work standing up

     Instead of doing all your tasks sitting down, try and do as many as possible standing up. It’s common knowledge that standing burns more calories than sitting. So, instead of exchanging emails with your coworkers, walk over to them for a quick chat, or get off your chair when taking calls.

3.      Instead of a coffee break, take a fitness break

     Instead of coffee and snacks in the lounge, take a brisk walk or do some gentle stretching. For example, while standing grab your ankle or pant leg and bring it up to your buttocks. Or position your face straight ahead and then lower your chin to your chest. Hold each stretch 15 – 30 seconds.

4.      A fitness ball instead of a chair

     A fitness ball is a great way to tone and strengthen your whole body while sitting at your desk.  Just replace your regular office chair with a firmly inflated fitness ball and make sure you’re able to balance the ball. You can even use the ball for wall squats or other exercises during the day.

5.      Stash fitness gear at work

     Small hand weights or resistance bands are perfect for storing in your desk drawer or cabinet. Resistance bands are stretchy cords that offer weight like resistance when you pull them. You can use the resistance bands or hand weights in between meetings or tasks for arm curls and other exercises.

6.      Team up with your colleagues

      It’s more fun when you have company. Invite your colleagues to join your lunchtime walking group.  This way you can offer encouragement to one another and hold each other accountable for regular exercise.

7.      Conduct meetings on the go

     Instead of a regular office meeting or brainstorming session, try to schedule walking meetings when possible. Do laps inside the building, or you can even hold your walking meetings outdoors.

8.      Walk faster

     If your job already involves walking, pick up the pace. The quicker the pace, the greater the benefits.

9.      If you often travel for work, plan ahead

     Pick a hotel that offers fitness facilities, or pack up your own gear. Jump-ropes and resistance bands are practical and easy to sneak into a suitcase. Or you can always do jumping jacks, crunches, sit ups and other simple exercises in your room without any equipment at all. If you stuck at an airport, instead of sitting and waiting, take a walk.

10.  A treadmill desk

     Why not consider a more focused walk and work approach? If you are ready to take your office exercise to the next level, safely position your work surface above a treadmill. With a computer screen on a stand, a keyboard on a table or a specialized treadmill-ready vertical desk, you might be able to walk while you work.  You don’t need to walk fast, but of course, the faster you walk the more calories you burn.