Why are exercise groups so popular in Hong Kong?

People have been joining exercise groups for ages. You can see them everywhere around Aberdeen and whole Hong Kong meeting up in parks or other public spaces and exercising together. Group exercise is typically described as exercise performed by a group of individuals led by an instructor. Have you ever wondered what the fascination with group exercising is? Why do so many people decide to join a group to exercise?

There a number of benefits to group exercising, some of them more obvious than others. So, let’s start with the obvious ones; human beings are social beings. We like being surrounded by likeminded individuals. When we were teenagers our world revolved around our friends. Now that we are all grown up our families and jobs have the top on our priority list. Living in Hong Kong doesn’t really allow one too much leisure time. So, joining an exercise group gives people the opportunity not only to work on their health and wellbeing, but to enjoy the company of other likeminded people and friends. Exercise groups provide excellent opportunity to meet new people or spend some quality time with old friends.

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Another great thing about group classes is motivation. You will never lack motivation and you are more likely to push yourself beyond what you thought possible in a group setting. It is not only your instructor who is motivating you, but there is a sense of healthy rivalry among the group members. And it’s fun. Boredom is a common reason for quitting an exercise program.  This way you are sure to never get bored. A fun and social setting will the make the time just fly by and it will make you want to come back for your next class. Your instructor and other members will hold you accountable for showing up and you don’t want to disappoint them by offering some lame excuse. Also, if you prepaid for your lessons, you are less likely to miss out on them.

Working out in a group is cheaper than hiring a personal trainer. Nowadays you can choose between a small group setting (up to 4 people) and larger groups. EPT offers both settings to suit your needs. No matter whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, groups are an excellent way of pushing yourself towards your goals. It is also good to keep in mind that people who work out don’t have as many health issues, so you can save money on hospital bills, as well.

Many people want to start an exercise program but simply don’t know how. Joining a group exercise program makes all this easier. You don’t have to know the moves or how to use the equipment. Your instructor will guide you through. All you have to do is show up with a positive attitude and get moving. You learn something new each time you show up and you are less likely to make mistakes while working out.

A group setting also appeals to people because of its diversity. You can find different classes to suit your needs. EPT offers programs that guarantee that you will never do the same workout twice. No matter what kind of setting you chose, the most important thing is that you have fun while working on your body and mind.