People ask me all the time what I consider to be the most important part of nutrition, and my answer is always the same.  Hydration!

Hydration is probably the most underrated component to a healthy diet.

When we think nutrition we always think of protein, carbs and fat, but your body cannot function without water.  In fact, when we talk to people about diet, they often forget about the soft drinks, coffee, juice or alcohol they consume, and instead concentrate merely on “but I eat really healthily” part.  Liquids play as much of a role in weight loss as solids do.

Two of my clients this week have lost a collective 8.5 kilos in 14 days, just by increasing their water intake and eliminating all other drinks from their diet.  My advice is drink water and ONLY water.  And no, water is not beer, juices, milk or even coconut water!

How much water should you be drinking?  Some say 8 glasses some say more but the rule of thumb is use this formula: Body weight (kg) x .03 = Drinking water/day`

But what is the best water to drink?  I would say, drink mineral water, not fizzy but plain.  Steer clear of distilled water ESPECIALLY if it comes in plastic bottles (read Watsons green bottle!).  This is dead water and will strip your own body of its much-needed minerals and nutrients.  In fact, this water should only ever be used in your vehicle, not your body!  It will make you urinate more and has trouble permeating the body’s cells to hydrate you.

The best water I found is Australian Spring Water.  Next is finding a filter on your taps at home.  It will not only save the environment but also get good quality drinking water when you boil or steam vegetables and so forth.  There are many filters out there but the one I found the best and most reasonably priced is Amway eSpring Water Purifier: https://www.amway.com.hk/amway/en/home-tech/water-purifier/188/

Ending off with one of my favourite quotes:

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.

W.H. Auden