North Pole Nutrition Consulting + PT 2 on 1 Combo

HKD 19,872.00    HKD 22,080.00

Want to work out with your spouse or friend? Nutrition coaching by one of our PN registered coaches for the two of you, as well as three months of fun, tailor made training for you both in a private session. Four avilable only- hurry!

Only 4 available!

QuantityDescriptionRetail PricePromo Price
18 x Sessions of PN coachingHKD 4,800.00|HKD 4,320.00
13 x Months PT 2on1, 2 x per week, trainingHKD 17,280.00|HKD 15,552.00
CostHKD 22,080.00|HKD 19,872.00