Jingly GI Testing, Nutritional Coaching and 1on1 PT Ensemble

HKD 32,787.00    HKD 36,430.00

Tired of constant gastrointestinal issues? This test will find out exactly what is going on, from the inside, testing for bacteria, virus, parasites and other nasties. Coupled with nutritional coaching and 1 on 1 PT with an expert trainer, you'll be on the road to recovery in no time.

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QuantityDescriptionRetail PricePromo Price
1Gastrointestinal test pack 8 Sessions of nutritional coachingHKD 4,750.00|HKD 4,275.00
13 Months, 2 x per week, 1on1 PTHKD 31,680.00|HKD 28,512.00
CostHKD 36,430.00|HKD 32,787.00