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This Teenage bracket is an essential window for laying the structures and groundwork for any aspiring athlete. Our summer program will introduce the teen into the type of training modern day athletes are doing. The main focus will be developing a basic strength base specific to their age, and becoming comfortable with gym equipment in a safe, progressive and fun environment. Also ensuring the movement patterns are correct to provide a good base before progression into strength and conditioning. Great for any teenager who wants build body strength and/or definition.

Sports Specific Strength – Targeting muscles for their specific movements in their sport

Improve performance- Strength, Agility, Power, Speed

Reduce injury

Training frequency – 2+ x week

Groups of 4 Max

Boys & Girls Training in the same time slot

Take home & holiday programs

Tailor made program designed for the individual

Program highlights:

·       Flexibility & Mobility

·       Trigger Point

·       Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning

·       Power, Speed and Agility drills

·       High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)

·       Take home & holiday programs

·       Groups of 4 Max