Are you and your closest few, ready to join Hong Kong’s first FatIncinerating Resistance Exercise, program?

FIRE group personal training uses the same EPT Holistic Personal Training principles, but utilizes them for a group setting. The group routines ares designed for maximum fat loss as a team, with each exercise customized to each individual participant. For instance, the first exercise could be a squat, but because of everyones different levels of flexibility, strength, and structural balance, different participants would perform different variations of the squat under guided supervision.

FIRE group personal training is based on a proven system of using resistance training to maximize fat loss. This way we get you the maximum fat loss results in the minimum amount of time, and because it is done in a way that promotes metabolism, it KEEPS the fat OFF! FIRE is THE most effective way to lose body fat through exercise.

Why is FIRE better than other forms of group exercise?

  • FIRE maximizes your own production of growth hormone ( the hormone of youth) which helps you keep muscle and lose fat/ lose weight while looking and feeling younger. How? It’s a secret we only share once you join! 
  • FIRE uses properly performed, full range of movement exercises that promote total body strength and flexibility unlike repeated and limited movements in other programs that promote injury and decrease flexibility.
  • FIRE increases your metabolism with each workout, and increases your insulin sensitivity so you can eat more and get more out of your nutrition. Low intensity resistance training and aerobic training do not accomplish either of these. They are good for endurance, but only if you want to be a fat person that can do easy tasks all day.
  • FIRE promotes long term weight loss, because the increase/preservation of lean muscle adds to your daily metabolism, and the hormonal effects make this a program that has lasting results. Aerobic based programs can actually make it harder for you to keep the weight off, and make it harder for you to continue losing it!
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How long does FIRE training run for? 

Each block of FIRE training goes for 12 weeks with the option of two or three times a week. These are one hour sessions with a set group of people to ensure consistency and results.

Won’t I get big and bulky from weight training?

This is one of the biggest myths out there. It is very hard for a female to put on any significant muscle size in a short period of time. You also need to be eating A LOT of food to fuel this growth. Women report their body firming, losing fat and seeing muscle definition from FIRE training.

Can I do F.I.R.E training AND boot camp?

Absolutely! If you decide to partake in F.I.R.E training and still want to get a few boot camp sessions in, we adjust your EPT membership to the F.I.R.E which entitles you to do both Boot Camp at no extra charge, then when the 12 week F.I.R.E programs finished you go back to your current membership.

How much does F.I.R.E training cost?

Depending on how many days a week you do, the price varies from $800 – $1500 per week.  This is a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 personal training and you are still getting that personalised service.

What do I do if I want more information or want to sign up?

You need to let one of the friendly trainers know ASAP so you don’t miss a spot (spots are VERY limited) and we can answer any questions you have and get you started.