Purpose Statement

To Enrich People’s Lives
So They Can Inspire Others To Do The Same

Our Core Values

Core Values What it means? What it doesn’t mean?
PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY Taking Bold Action Being Afraid of Making Mistakes
Facing Your Challenges Playing a Small Game
Embracing Change Being Complacent
HAPPINESS Believing In Yourself Having a Disempowering Stance
Celebrating Your Results Chasing The Carrot
Joy Sapping Other People’s Energy
COMMUNITY Inspiring Others All Talk & No Action
Celebrate Other’s results Not Recognizing Others Achievements
Support Others Being Apathetic
UNDERSTANDING Being Empathetic Being Sympathetic
Respecting Others Being Frustrated
Being Honest Judging Others
Being Coachable Inauthentic
EVOLVE Applying Your Knowledge Being Content With Insight
Being Open Minded Being Closed-Minded
Sharpening The Saw Just Plowing Through